Serving Travis County and Williamson County

Criminal Defense

My clients are people who have been charged with crimes in and around the Austin area, including all levels of misdemeanor and felony offenses in State District Courts, County Courts at Law, Justice of the Peace Courts, and Municipal Courts.

I work tirelessly to get the best possible results for my clients.

Jail Release - Call 24 x 7

I am available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help expedite the Personal Bond process in Travis County.

In many cases, I am able to convince the judge to grant my clients Personal Bond even if their original application was already denied!

If someone you care about was recently arrested in Travis County, Texas, call attorney Melissa de la Garza at (512) 657-2583 any time of the day or night for assistance securing jail release on personal bond.

Additional Services

Petitions & Hearings

Petitions & Hearings

As a criminal defense attorney, I also handle related civil matters such as protective orders and Petitions for Expunction, Nondisclosure, Occupational Drivers License, and Early Termination of Probation or Deferred Adjudication. For assistance with these services, please call (512) 657-2583.

Attorney Assistance

Attorney Assistance

Some of the best known criminal defense attorneys in the Austin area trust me to provide high quality services to their clients when the attorneys are unavailable.

Are you an attorney who needs assistance with jail release when you are on vacation? Are you scheduled to appear in two different counties at the same time? Do you need someone to cover an ALR hearing or handle a court appearance? I can assist you in all of these areas and more and I am happy to provide references. Please call me at (512) 657-2583 and let me know how I can help.